How to Treat Baby Acne on Body

How to Treat Baby Acne on Body

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How to Treat Baby Acne on Body. Baby acne usually appeared at five to six months after the baby born. It is the common condition because of the combination of mother’s hormone and baby’s oil. Baby acne will be easily find on face, especially on cheek and forehead. However, there is also possibility that there is baby acne on body. You have to be not worried since this baby acne will be disappeared. In some condition, baby acne can disappear without any treatment. This baby acne on body will be stayed only in weeks until three months based on condition of baby’s skin and baby’s environment. To make it better, a mother have to still give breastfeeding towards her baby to help in curing the acne easily.

Is There Any Difference Between Baby Acne on body and on Face?

How to Treat Baby Acne on Body

Is baby acne on body same with baby acne on the face? The answer is exactly it is same. What make baby acne on bodyand baby acne on face different is only the area where the acne are. Then, the treatment is mostly same. Certain medicine is usually not too be needed for preventing and getting rid of baby acne. Besides giving breastfeeding routinely, you have also avoid using adult’s skin care or adult’s acne routine products for your baby. It will make the baby’s skin getting worst, of course. You can also read What causes baby acne.

If you want to take some treatment for baby acne on body, you can choose baby gels or cream for baby acne on body which contains of formula for avoiding more irritation or inflammation. Then, you can clean the area softly by using only water or wet soft washcloth. Pat it gently for two or three times, it is enough to avoid skin irritation. Avoid the using of lotion or soap around the area that has acne on it. For the important one, never be dare to scrub, pick, or even squeeze it.

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