How to Prevent Baby Acne

Acne will not only appear on teenagers or adults’ skin. There is also baby acne which usually appear in five to six months after baby born. However, this baby acne will be not too make your baby feel uncomfortable. In contrast, the baby acne will make parents worry on their baby’s condition. There is the main cause of baby acne which is the combination of mother’s hormone and baby’s oil but there is a way on how to prevent baby acne. Yet, a mother still have to give breast feeding towards her baby since it will help the acne lost effectively. Moreover, there are also some ways on how to prevent baby acne that can be followed easily.

Steps to Prevent Baby Acne

How to Prevent Baby Acne

There are some ways on how to prevent baby acne. For the first, you have to avoid some things that should not be done when the baby acne appear. Don’t ever use over-counter or even adult acne medicine. It must be forbidden to apply some of medicine on baby’s skin since baby’s skin is more sensitive. Then, it is better to avoid scrub baby’s skin overly since it will make irritation on skin. Acne will not bring any dirt so that you have not be more worried about cleaning your baby’s skin as the ways on how to prevent baby acne. Read more See on How Long does Baby Acne Last!

After that, there are also some things that must be done as the best way on how to prevent baby acne. Firstly, you have to watch the baby product that used. It is highly recommended to use a mild baby soap. You can wash your baby’s face by using mild baby soap gently. Secondly, you can also rub the baby’s skin by using soft washcloth without adding any soap. Remember that you have to rub your baby’s skin gently to avoid more irritation on the skin as how to prevent baby acne.

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