How Long Does Baby Acne Last

How Long Does Baby Acne Last

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How Long Does Baby Acne Last. If you are a baby parent with baby acne, all you want is lost naturally so you can have that very soft baby skin again. So how long ago and what caused it? And most importantly, how do you protect it? Read on

First baby acne can appear at any time within the first six months of infancy, with the most typical time between the ages of three and six weeks. It looks like teen acne, with red and yellow lumps on the face. Because of his appearance. Good news! Infant acne is more of a nuisance and usually does not interfere with the baby.

How Long Does Baby Acne Last

Then what causes baby acne? The cause of baby acne is a combination of oil, bacteria, and hormones. It is believed to be one of the hormones attached to a baby combined with its own baby oil. That’s the worst acne love during the first month of life. Infant acne usually lasts about a month, but can last up to three months.

While baby acne will disappear on its own from time to time, here are some tips for treating baby acne:

Use a soft soapless cloth and gently rub your baby’s face and around the eyebrows and nose. This will help peel oil lingering in the area.

If you feel you should use a cleanser, choose a soft and air-free version and to avoid eye contact.

Do not try rubbing pimples. Physical brushing can actually create aggravation and redness.

Other skin conditions such as cradle cap and eczema on the face can be made somewhat similar. Take a deep breath and remember that baby acne will disappear on its own from time to time and do not disturb the baby.

Continue feeding as usual. The benefits of breastfeeding are much greater than the hormones the baby can expose. Baby acne will disappear in time, regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not.

If you’re worried about redness, you can use a 1% over-the-counter (OTC) hydrocortisone cream twice daily for one day. Be sure not to use hydrocortisone for long periods of time.

Do not use acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide in your baby. This adult product can cause significant irritation to the baby’s delicate skin and may cause redness and worsening of the condition.

So your baby has baby acne – try not to worry. It will go away in about a month and will go away by itself. In the meantime, enjoy this newborn phase. Sleepless nights and all the food is very difficult, and we know it’s hard to believe, but this phase will quickly disappear. Enjoy the new life.

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