Cystic Acne Jawline

Cystic Acne Jawline. Tips To Prevent Chin And Jawline Breakouts

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Cystic Acne Jawline. Tips To Prevent Chin And Jawline Breakouts. Of all areas of the face, I must say the area of ​​the chin and jaw is the most common place for acne-in adults. The reason is often due to hormonal and imbalance in the body. Hormone oil production work, which leads to the growth of bacteria trapped in the pores. This causes day sickness, pustular pain or cystic blemish. Many women find those with chin pimples every month with their cycles.

The challenge is drying spot treatments. Because the chin and jawline of acne become cystic (bigger stains under the skin), spot treatments will only dry the coating but remain pinched underneath. Also, because they are large and severe, they can last for 1-2 weeks and dark red marks, which last much longer. So what can you do to prevent it from jumping around? Read on for my helpful tips.

Cystic Acne Jawline

1. Remove the milk from your food for two weeks. Your skin acts as an excretory system for substances that do not fit your body. In the case of milk, it is a mucous-forming food and can be difficult to digest the body-people are not tolerant of lactose. So when you have very much milk to digest your body, it can come out in the form of cystic acne (hard bumps and sore under the skin) in the chin and jaw area. Try cutting out all forms of milk (yogurt, milk and all cheese) for two weeks to see any new pimples appear. If not, this may be the cause. Why the area of ​​the chin and jaw? Because it contains dairy cows given growth hormone, the consumption of milk, cheese and yogurt into factors that affect endogenous hormones and mimic hormones that oil production in the skin for acne process. The body can use the chin and jaw area to remove the excess of this hormone. There are numbers of sebaceous glands in the face and because the hormones dissolve in fat, the body will use this gland as a way of excretion for fat-based hormones.

2. Keep your hands away from your chin. Since all types of stains are associated with bacteria trapped in the pores, you will want to eliminate unnecessary bacteria from the skin. Do you know what you like today, accidentally doing it, make your face one of the dirtiest parts on your body? From resting your hand on your chin while sitting at a table or table to pick and tweak your skin while thinking it over deeply, it is important to let go of this area. At the very least, be sure to clean your skin very well at night to remove acne-causing bacteria.

3. Keep your phone clean. As you wish, not a pimple, but can produce. Be sure to wipe your phone every day to avoid unnecessary bacteria getting into.

4. Take advantage of chin and jaw areas for acne if there is no other runaway on the face. If You Stand face-to-face and you start using a cleanser cleaner, dry mask and serum all over your face, you will dry your skin in a place that does not break out. This makes the skin unbalanced and unhappy at the top of your face. While it is not convenient enough to allocate certain products to use on the chin, you should have some products that can be used for existing areas.

5. Prevent acne by using treatments that do not dry out the stains. There are two goals today with acne chins. First and foremost, is to remove stains from ever appearing. To do this, you definitely want to find a good alcohol-free, non-dried acne serum that contains salicylic acid. This material is a known beta hydroxy keratolytic acid (BHA) with its ability to penetrate into the pore layer (less than AHA glycolic acid) and reduce acne-causing bacteria. By using salicylic acid, you can actually prevent acne from appearing. Of course, all skin types respond differently, but such treatment can be very effective without drying out the skin and dry and flake results. The reason why serum is most effective is because it is formulated for use under moisturizer at night and works for several hours to enter deep into the pores. If you like a cleanser or a mask with salicylic acid to make a difference, it is just rinsed and will not be effective (this, it will help remove superficial bacteria, which remains beneficial). I advise my clients to use BHA Cl

6. Spot treat stains to heal quickly – and do not choose. The second goal is now with the cola healed as soon as possible. I can not at all. Every move you make will determine how long the stains and acne scars will last.

Read: How to Make a Blemish Go Away Fast (Do yourself a favor and read it a few times so it really sinks in.)

If you follow my advice, your blame will be less important and less visible! Believe on this one. As you’ll read in that post, Anti-Cyst Treatment and Night Time Spot Lotion are effective enough to cure defects quickly. In addition, Anti-Cyst Treatment can be very effective when used to remove stains so as not to appear serum.

7. Remove your pores clean. Translate new defects can be a stain where the infection is not properly clean (empty it with small bumps all over the chin). This is known as closed comedo or just clogged pores. They can keep coming back to them clean. This is very useful for all pores that are blocked above or above. Either way, clean the pores can dramatically overcome the acne.

Research other possible causes of acne and track your life with calendars. Because acne will always be different for everyone. Read: 11 Postponed Causes of Escape to see if anything might amaze you. Also, consider saving your daily life history to see if you find a trigger.

Consult your gynecologist to balance your hormones. Perhaps you are taking birth control pills and you may experience some adjustments or you are experiencing menopause and your hormones are behaving. Gynecologists are well aware of how hormonal fluctuations can affect the skin and she may have some helpful suggestions.

If you are someone who feels acne “that time of the month”, start taking care of your skin a few days before the start of your cycle. Just before the start of the female cycle, there is more progesterone in the skin that causes air retention so the skin looks more swollen. When this happens, it puts pressure on the pores and creates a layer of smaller pores. In addition, the oil may become thicker due to hormonal imbalances and increased testosterone during the pre-period hormonal cycle. If you have a thicker oil that tries to pass through a narrow gap, this creates an environment inside the skin where acne can now begin. Rapid Response Detox Masque is the perfect solution to use a few days before the start of your cycle. It quickly destroys acne-causing bacteria from within the pores. For best results, use a gentle face scrub before applying a masque.

If all else fails, prescribe prescription drugs. I always think prescription drugs (especially oral antibiotics) should be the last option, but if it’s exhausted every possible choice, maybe this is another way to try. I’ve also heard about adrenals can cause acne because you have knowledge in this field. Ranking roots are always best

In short, acne is a skin disease and it is very difficult to find the cure. However, these tips will help you in your efforts to get clear skin with less stains in the area of ​​the chin and jaw.

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