What causes baby acne

What causes baby acne

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What causes baby acne, Baby’s skin must be the sensitive one. There must be some problem if we did not concern about it. However, even we take a good care on it, there is still problem that appear. Baby acne which usually worrisome but not actually to be worried. Acne is not only appeared in adults’ skin but also babies also has tendency to get acne in five to six of months after they was born. Like other acne, baby acne is yellowish with redness color of bump. It commonly appears on check or forehead of baby. What causes baby acne actually? Here are some explanation about what causes baby acne.

The Main Cause of Baby Acne

What causes baby acne

Some parents still confusing on what causes baby Acne so it will appeared on their baby’s skin. There are speculations on what causes baby acne baby acne. Some argued that, baby acne is common for baby in five to six month and it will disappear without any treatment. In contrast, there is also baby acne that won’t be disappeared until it gets some treatment. Basically, baby acne is caused by mother’s hormone that is combined with baby’s oil. Some of baby will get this acne only for some weeks, but there are also baby who still have baby acne until three months.

Baby Acne Prevention

Although mother’s hormone becomes as what causes baby Acne is, it is better for a mother to still give breast feeding to her baby. Breastfeeding will help baby in reducing baby acne fast. Moreover, when the baby acne appear on baby’s skin make sure that you did not rub it in multiple times. What you need is just rub the skin gently by using wet soft washcloth. What causes baby acne is not dirt so that you may not be worried about clean it gently. Rubbing your baby’s skin gently also helps in avoiding more irritation on your baby’s skin face. You can read How to Prevent Baby Acne.

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