Biotin Cystic Acne

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Biotin Cystic Acne. If you’re in the market for Rapunzel’s long hair, then infused biotin shampoo, biotin scalp care, and biotin supplements are always popular … frankly, it’s hard to avoid. And they are very tempting, all the promising thick hair growth is thick and healthy.

Given its presence everywhere, as is the case for a definition: Biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H) belongs to the group of B vitamins. It is found in foods such as egg yolks, salmon, and green vegetables, as well as Di Our bodies from intestinal bacteria. Our body actually does not need biotin to pass through, but because it plays a role in cell growth, it’s called a way to lengthen hair and strengthen the nails.

There are catches, some – research on the stuff is uneven. Several super small-scale studies have shown a positive effect of biotin on nail strengthening, but in none that is the same as it promotes hair growth in healthy people. It can dissolve in the air, so the excess in the body turns into waste. The exception is in people with biotin deficiency-abnormalities infected by brittle hair and nails, among other unpleasant symptoms, where biotin supplements are actually very effective.

Some data is still safe biotin, because it is not dangerous to consume. It’s not really designed for people without biotin deficiency, so there’s no consensus on the dose of biotin for hair and nail health. Jessica Weiser, a board certified dermatologist for the New York Dermatology Group. “But the most recommended dose is 2,500 mcg or 2.5 mg daily.”

While the effect on hair growth is unclear, there are other side effects of using biotin: These are some people broke up. Dr. Weiser says it can happen because of an imbalance of vitamins in your body.

‘Both biotin and pantothenic acid – vitamin B5 – are absorbed from the intestine through the same receptor,’ he explained. “When taking biotin supplements, the amount of biotin in the intestine far more than the amount of vitamin B5, thus causing a relative vitamin B5 deficiency Pantothenic acid can be overcome acne lesions Therefore, pantothenic acid deficiency – Or excess biotin – can be acne.

In simpler terms, you can give yourself a B5 deficiency with excess biotin advantages – and you want to panic.

Dr. Jessica J. Krant, a board certified dermatologist at the New York Laser & Skin Operations Center, had also heard of this incident. “Many reports suggest that excessive swallowed biotin can cause rash and breakouts,” he said. “There is no scientific, blind, placebo-controlled scientific research to prove this point, but if you start taking biotin and possibly the cause.”

The solution Stop taking the damn thing. “I personally have to stop taking it with biotin,” said Dr. Krant. “If someone asks about it, I explain because I’m not in it, but it only helps some people in rare and specific cases.”

On the other hand, if you see improvements in hair or nails of biotin (hey, just because there’s no scientific research to support it does not mean it’s not possible), you do not have to give up altogether. Dr. Weiser General to consume vitamin B5 with biotin, to create balance. Or you can wait for your hair to grow-really up to you. Biotin Cystic Acne

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