Aquaphor For Baby Acne

Aquaphor For Baby Acne

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Aquaphor For Baby AcneInfant acne is stressful for the elderly but there is an incredibly powerful yet easy size that can help cure the condition; Just leave it and just wash your baby’s face with soap and mild water as usual and this red lump and rash will disappear faster than you know.

Aquaphor For Baby Acne

If that does not sound like a good option, there are some home remedies for baby acne that can help you in alleviating symptoms.

1. Daily Facial Cleansing
Cleaning your baby’s face every day will make miracles for your baby’s skin, just like in adolescent or acne-prone adults. Of all the actions highlighted in this article, no one comes close to this in the level of convenience, in my opinion. Cleaning helps get rid of excess oil, but if done too regularly, can irritate the skin and reverse the benefits achieved.

Simply wash your baby’s face with warm water and mild moisturizing soap and then pat her skin with a clean towel once a day.

2. Cornstarch
Corn flour has a natural skin drying properties that are very useful in the treatment of baby acne. By removing excess oil in the skin, cornstarch can help solve the problem. However you should not go overboard with cornstarch because it can make your baby’s skin too dry or even disturb it; once a day is enough

For a teaspoon of cornstarch, add a little water (at room temperature) and mix well.
Stir a thin layer of cornstarch mixture produced into the affected area of ​​your baby’s skin.
Let the mix time dry naturally, say for one hour, then rinse with warm water and pat her skin with a clean towel.
Repeat the treatment regularly – but no more than once a day – until you get the desired result.

3. Vinegar
Vinegar is also a great baby acne remedy, thanks to its antimicrobial ability and its oil.

The strength of the public house is also a negative side; It may be very rough on a delicate baby skin. Luckily overcoming that limitation is pretty easy; All you need to do is simply dilute your vinegar with water as described below:

Mix vinegar and water with a ratio of 1:10. That means that for every part of vinegar used, add 10 parts of water like that. 1 teaspoon vinegar to 10 spoons of water.
Insert a little into the inside of your baby’s wrist first to make sure the solution is not too sensitive to her delicate skin. If the skin becomes reddened, stop this treatment.
If the solution does not interfere with the wrist, you can safely apply it to the face (only in the affected area).
Allow the solution to rest for 1 minute and then wipe with warm water.

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